Trademark & package design

Every year we create more than 100 new package and logo designs.

People talk about brands a lot. For some a brand is just a logo, but some see a whole world behind it.

We in Taevas create the logo and the world. In addition, we offer a meaningful understanding of what and why the brand is doing and how the brand looks to different groups.

Brands and logos always base on their owner’s identity. A brand is like tailor-made suit that has to fit perfectly.

It does not matter if you want to go to a ball or to a village bonfire. We create the suitable brand that is just right for the context.

Besides brand identity, we offer all kinds of different assets – from business cards and pens to brand books and websites.

If the brand needs packages for product then we will design them, too. In that case, we do not just design, but we ask a least a hundred times why, to who, where and how.

We always think through how the package is going to be printed, produced and transported. For us, a package is also a storyteller, a choice of tare, a design, multipackage and transport package, export package and a series of packages, not to mention exclusive special designs.

When creating both package and brand, our customer is not the only direct client, but also its customers.

For us, there are not only products needing a package and clients who need them. We have the knowledge of where and how the package will be used, who buys it and why.