E-shop & digital sales solution

E-shop and digital sales solution with the help of Taevas.

Digital sales and service solutions help make your business more cost-effective and solve both company and user-centred problems. Digital sales solution can be a product’s or service’s price calculator or a specific solution with a modelling program and a calculator.

Monopood.ee – e-shop as a ready-made solution

Do you want to try out e-shop or put your products quickly on the internet in a situation where e-commerce is not your company’s main activity?

For this purpose, we have created a ready-made e-shop solution named Monopood.ee, that already has a personal sales environment, and a payment and logistics solution.

Unique e-shop

We create tailor-made WooCommerce e-shop solutions both as a stand-alone and as part of an existing website, which are convenient to manage in the WordPress content management system.

We make sure that your e-shop is user-friendly, searchable, sufficiently leveraged and reaches the right target group. We help to set up the necessary warehouse and payment interfaces and provide the store with other necessary additional modules.

Something sounds interesting? Contact us  digitiim@taevas.ee. 

Virtual sales solutions

With our long-term experience, we are able to create complicated and innovative digital solutions, such as product- or service-specific price calculators and product-centred sales solutions that speed up the consumer’s purchase decision process or help find the right product in less time.