Counselling & planning

We help our clients navigate through complex marketing subjects.

Marketing strategy and service design

The main purpose of marketing is to gain new money flows through new values.
So, only the growth of turnover can be the long-term purpose of a marketing strategy.

We discover new growing possibilities through brand and product or service design, entering a new market, and optimising marketing activities.

We understand the consumers

We ask questions, we put together and help to manage qualitative and quantitative researches, we suggest hypotheses and analyse information to understand better:

  • consumers’ opinions and behavioural trends
  • consumers’ introspection and attitude
  • consumers’ shopping habits


Brand management that is in all its life cycles based on the experience of international agency chains, consumer’s insight, product or service analysis, and context analysis.

We start from targeting the brand and creating an identity so we can compose a brand portfolio and optimise its structure.

We interpret a brand promise as a convincing and effective employer brand in order to conserve existing resources and attract talent.

We help brands to take a position in social and environmental subjects.