Kliinik32.ee website

Kliinik 32’s new web design aims to be modern and easy to use. On the home page, the wallpaper change is timed according to the time of the day – morning (brighter background and hints about waking up), lunch (lunch activities) and evening (darker background, evening activities and time to go to sleep).

The web builds trust, as it has a calm and relaxing vibe. Visually, it is clean and white, but not necessarily „clinical / medical”. It is rather free and gives a friendly and inviting feeling. In addition, some modest animations provide an effect.

The strengths of Kliinik 32 dental centre and its specialities are highlighted on the web. The web introduces the treatment team, treatment features and treatment plans, the clinic’s excellent technology and services.

The new web also makes it easier to contact the clinic. For this purpose, the chat opens immediately on the home page, it starts a friendly conversation with the web visitor and helps to find the answers that the web visitor is looking for. Also, it plays an important role in reducing the number of phone calls to the clinic, because the user reaches through the chat to the web content of interest or can make a request to book just the right service.