Pop-up Adventure Park

Kuldmuna 2017 pronks

Case Study

Is there any party without alcohol? Of course, there is! To prove this, we created Pop-Up Adventure Park with awesome attractions, cool performers and other entertainment. The entrance was free, but you had to be sober! Big audience interest proved once again that young Estonians can party very well even without alcohol.


The purpose of this campaign was to guide the target group (18- to 35-year-old men and women) to drink less alcohol in social situations, and offer support and inspiration in finding opportunities to spend time together with less alcohol (or even without any alcohol).


There is fun without alcohol. Alcohol-free events „Pop-Up Adventure Park” in Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu: 30 x 30 metres festival area with attractions and awards – surf rodeo, VR, airbag jumps, human table football, mocktails, performers (Würffel, Daniel Levi). Entrance was free and these events were only for sober people. Visitors were checked with a breathalyser at the gates. The ones, who had a had been drinking, did not get in and they were offered water.


Every event had about 1000 young visitors, which is a very good result as the events took place on Friday and Saturday evenings (19.00-24.00) when the young usually are starting their parties. There were queues on the attractions and the fun kept on going until the very end. The event was covered in media.