Toyota Hybrid website 2017

Toyota Motors Corporation, the parent company of Toyota Baltic, has written hundreds of pages different brand books about which font and colour to use, how big should be the spacing between paragraphs, how to align text on a page, how should a button look like. The frames are really firm. Our task was to create a tactical campaign site for Toyota hybrids.

The website had to contain a lot of information, and its visualization and technical implementation was quite a challenge – more content means longer loading time and it is more difficult for a person to navigate through the information, especially on mobile devices.

Furthermore, the website is not meant only for Estonian market. Also, we make localised versions for Latvia and Lithuania. As there are a lot of Russian speaking people in Estonia and Latvia, then for these markets we create Russian content, too.

Therefore, one campaign site has to suite for 3 countries and 5 languages (since Latvian and Estonian market’s websites in Russian have some differences).