The first gathering of dog-influencers in Estonia

Kuldmuna 2019 Influencer marketing kategooria Pronks

Purina wanted to launch a new premium dog food, but the budget was very limited. So, we had to be creative and do something totally different – something clever and address it directly to dog owners. This is how the idea of the first gathering of dog-influencers was born. Dog-influencers were not too known and involved in marketing before. At the same time, they had impressive number of followers in social media.

Unprecedented media event took place with a charity auction to to cross the news threshold and to introduce new dog food brand through our brand ambassadors. We started PR work already a week before the event – known dogs visited radio shows and well-known TV evening program Ringvaade. The peak of the campaign was the gathering of dog-influencers and auction that took place in Telliskivi Creative City. We know the campaign was a success, because after that the dog-influencers worked on some new projects with other partners and brands, and many new followers found these dogs on Instagram.