Team Schörle at Maijooks

Was ist das wasser?! In 2019 our dear client A. Le Coq brought a whole new drink category to the market – a German drink Schörle that is made of mineral water a juice. As the target group of the new drink included mainly active women, we did not have to wait long for the perfect event to launch the product. The whole world (or at least Estonia) heard about the super cool new drink at Maijooks, a huge running event. But we did not just share free products, That would have been too lazy! We put together Team Schörle – a group of active and healthy women, who made sport history at Maijooks.

First, we had to find architects for Team Schörle, who would motivate women to join the team. So, we invited Kristel Aaslaid and Tuuli Rand aka the band Öed, as they were popular enough and had a large number of followers to spread our message.

Team Schörle could be applied for through a special campaign page, where each candidate had to send a motivational explaining why she should join the team. When the team was together, everyone dressed in Team Schörle’s shirts and ran as fast as they could on the training day.

Team Schörle’s story was presented on social media and PR. We made videos with Tuuli and Kristel where they invited women to join Team Schörle. In addition, we filmed and produced videos about the training camp and Maijooks. All of the content was shared on both Aura and Maijooks social media channels. The fact that Tuuli and Kristel are putting their team together for Maijooks was also mentioned in Õhtuleht.

Anyway, the event turned out better than Oktoberfest. Or at least much healthier.