Lipton book club: „Books and a Cup of Tea”

Tea has miracle power – in addition to healing the spirit and body, it can make people actually communicate with each other! And relationships are extremely important for Lipton. Because of that, and of course tea, we organised events that would bring people together and create special moments, while broadening the world view and providing educational content.

Meet Lipton book club „Books and a Cup of Tea”!

Book clubs have rather been niche events for a small group of people. We wanted to create a club, that would bring together more people.

First, we had to find a „home” for the book club and we chose one of the biggest bookstores for that – Apollo in Solaris centre. Also, we invited an opinion leader to manage the book club and who would be better for the job than beloved writer Eia Uus.

Next, we set the structure and the content of the book club. Lipton book club would get together every month to discuss different subjects. They talked about thrillers, love stories, history and travels. Of course, we offered wide variety of delicious Lipton tea on every gathering.

How to invite book fans to the club?

Our main communication ways were social media and PR. We created a Facebook group for the club, where members could communicate. We encouraged not-so-hardcore-book-fans to join our club, but who like reading. Every month we made a video with Eia, that we shared in social media. The book club was also accompanied by extensive PR activities, where we used Eia Uusi as a spokesperson for the Lipton book club.

In addition, we sent book influencers every month a gift with the book of the month and Lipton tea, and invited them to join us.

What happened then?

Already in the first month, many more book enthusiasts joined the Facebook group than we could have expected. More than 2000 people have joined the group, which was created in August 2019, although we forecast 500 ourselves.

First book club event had 100 participants. With social media posts made of the event, we reached tens of thousands social media users.

We used traditional media and social media. Also, the culture site of Postimees made live broadcast of the first gathering.

In addition, Apollo supported the communication of Lipton book club in every way – newsletters, web, social media, posters in stores. Thanks to this, the book club reached an important target group.

The coverage was on radio channels, television as well as print and online media.

Although, Lipton tea club ended officially in December 2019, the book club is still active and the members gather every month to talk about chosen book in Apollo, Solaris centre.

You could say that for a real book lover, Lipton book blub is just the right cup of tea.

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