„Ehtne Talutoit” follow-up campaign

In 2014 Eestimaa Talupidajate Keskliit created a trademark „Ehtne Talutoit”. Its aim is to help consumers to understand the story and speciality of farm products. During the first year, the brand was developed and introduced to the farmers themselves. The follow-up campaign in 2016 aimed to present the farmers and their products behind the „Ehtne Talutoit” label and to introduce the nutritional benefits of farm products.

Our main idea was in the authenticity of farm food: bread, milk, flour, meat, etc. produced on the farm is never anonymous – it has a story. The campaign had three main messages: „Farm food is real!”, „It has colour!” and „It has taste!”

To deliver the messages, we opened the farm doors to the public. We visited a total of 12 farm producers, whose activities were introduced by personal stories and photo galleries in both regular and social media. With high-quality photos, we highlighted the authenticity and purity of various farm foods. In order to show the possibilities of using farm food, we included popular food bloggers who prepared delicious food from farm products and pointed out the benefits of farm food.

As a result of the follow-up campaign, there were published 25 articles of farmers, their work and products. In collaboration with bloggers, 35 delicious recipes were prepared, which were shared and viewed hundreds of times on social media. The social media account of „Ehtne Talutoit” caused an active discussion about real farm food. Today, the site has more than 5000 farm food fans.