The launch and e-shop design of Arro Keraamika

How we helped Estonian Iittala to the market with a successful marketing campaign.
The launch of Arro Keraamika and crowdfunding campaign in Fundwise.

The design of e-shop.

Time: June – September 2016

Client’s aim: applied artist Liisu Arro wanted to come to the market with the first domestic series collection of porcelain table ware. The purpose of the newly created Arro Keraamika’s campaign in Fundwise was to find investors to collect 36 995 – 92 412 €, which was necessary to produce the first patch of porcelain table ware in Vista Alegre factory in Portugal.

Agency’s task: to get media attention to the campaign in Fundwise and thereby find new investors, who would invest in Arro Keraamika on Fundwise platform.

Challenge: to convince journalists, public and potential investors that this is a serious business project, that …

A) is not just a hobby project of an artist.
B) follows firmly the business plan and has export potential.
C) is not another start-up.
D) it fills a gap in the series production of Estonian applied art after the decline of Langebraun’s industry in the first half of the 20th century.

What did we do and what did we achieve?

Wide and thorough media coverage in radio, television, online and print media. The Arro Keraamika brand and its leader Liisu Arro gained attention by different publications. Outstanding articles and personal stories were published in the magazine Anne ja Stiil, economic section of Postimees, Kodukiri, Naisteleht, and others. In addition, there were interviews in ERR Ringvaade, TV3 news, R2 and Kuku morning programs.

As the main purpose was to find investors, the clear indicators of our activities were the growth of investors and investments after the publications.

The best and clearest example of the contribution and effectiveness of the agency’s work was Liisu’s interview with Kuku Radio, which was heard by a lady who contacted the applied artist and invested a significant 10 000 € to help bring Arro Keraamika to market.

The result of Fundwise’s campaign exceeded the initial forecast twice (205%) – 75 802 € were collected for the production of the Arro Keraamika collection. In total, more than 100 investors contributed.