Onu Eskimo jäätiste lansseerimine

We helped to launch new Onu Eskimo ice creams.

In spring 2017, Balbiino decided to renew Onu Eskimo brand and launch three new ice-creams in waffle cone. Due to the rich heritage of Balbiino and the legacy of Evald Rooma (Onu Eskimo), we chose to tie the brand and the new ice creams to Estonia’s 100th anniversary.

For celebrating Estonia’s great birthday, Balbiino decided to give every kindergarten graduate one Onu Eskimo ice cream. As a result, the number of participating kindergartens exceeded the number of sent invitations and new ice creams were delivered to over 15000 children.

In addition we draw attention in media. New Estonian jubilee ice creams, were featured in TV, online and print media. Not to mention a high reach in social media. And finally – Onu Eskimo caramel flavour ice cream in waffle cone has the biggest market share amongst new ice creams.


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