Live at least one life in Hamburg – Eurobest Young Creatives 2010 III

This is an idea that got us III-d place in the Eurobest Young Creatives 2010. The brief was basically “Get young talents (engineers, designers etc) to make a decision that Hamburg is a really nice place to live in, and eventually move there.

#1 Nothing promotes the many features of Hamburg better then living in the city itself.
#2 Internet and social media has made it possible to mentally live (at least) two lives:
one in physical form, the second in digital world.
#3 Digital lives in form of role-playing games are getting more and more popular.

The idea Create a virtual opportunity to live and make friends in Hamburg. Before making the real move, try out living here virtually.

The Game – “LivingHamburg” Online multiplayer games allows the user to live a full life in Hamburg and travel around using existing Google Street View + interact with people living in real Hamburg and others who also live only the virtual Hamburg live and may plan to move there for real. The system works somewhat like in “ville” games. But as it’s based on actual town, when the user moves here in real life, he/she already knows the routine. It also features live events from Hamburg – The biggest and most important events can be streamed live via webcams to the game environment.

Media Facebook; Collaboration with existing online games directs players to virtual Hamburg; Outdoor media; QR-based solutions direct smartphone users straight to the game; Ambient media; Banners; Interactive banners that are based on the Google Street View part of the game.

Metalli 3, 10615 Tallinn, Estonia
+372 610 5800

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